「R&R」JYJ; Worldwide Album: L.A. or Miami?

credits for pic: [[allkpop]]

I got amazing news today!! Hopefully by now you all know that Jejung, Yuchun and Junsu are definitely coming to America to record their first worldwide album BUT it gets better! Not only are they collaborating with Timbaland, they’re also collab-ing with Kanye West AND possibly even other “A-list” artists! This is gonna be HUGE!  According to the article on this is gonna be one of the biggest projects [[entertainment wise]] between Asia and America ever! [[though this was stated by Jae Chong on his blog…]].

Link to allkpop article: HERE

I’m honestly beyond elated and excited about this because it’s been a dream of mine for TVXQ to debut in America and although it is only 3 of the 5, I am still none the less excited! Hearing Jejung’s voice in full English is gonna be incredible! *o*  Once it’s released I am inevitably going to buy it! Also, since they’re working with big names they may be looking at their first US [[or worldwide]] tour EVER! [[squeals]].

Amongst all the things to be uber excited about with this project, the one that hits closest to home [[literally]] is that the Trio have the choice between going to record at Timbaland’s house in L.A. or his house in Miami.  And, I do realize that this may not be as big of a deal for you guys but it is for myself and my friends [[the other authors of this blog]]. And if you’ve read our author page you would know that we are all from FLORIDA! I do happen to live 8 hours from Miami but it would be 1000000000% worth roadtrippin’ down there to see them [[stalk them >_>]] or just happen to catch them chillin’ around the city. 😀

Words cannot describe what seeing Jejung in real life [[and Yoosu!]] would mean to me. I’d probably stop breathing honestly. xD But! If I do get to see him or meet I’ll be on my best behavior so I won’t scare him away. Also, if you guys have been checking out the “Just
your Jaejoong” page THAT is just an idea. My idea was “how awesome would it be if I could get personal updates about JYJ news and events FROM JAEJOONG!?”  It’s extremely far-fetched but it would be awesome, right?  [[Maybe if I meet him and everything’s goes well I can make it happen? 😉 ]]

If they do choose to go to Miami I will post updates about our trip!
Stay Tuned~


2 Comments on “「R&R」JYJ; Worldwide Album: L.A. or Miami?”

  1. esthefani says:

    hi 🙂 im from florida too and i cant wait for their showcase in miami … (well if they have one)


    • kyaA says:

      i was hoping theyd have a showcase in Miami as well but it doesn’t look like they’ll be having one D:
      but maybe for their Concert Tour they’ll have a stop closer to Florida lol
      are you not going to the NYC showcase?

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