[Links] Bring JYJ to Europe!

We know, thanks to Analytics, that there’s many K-pop fans in the great continent of Europe but unfortunately there isn’t much opportunity for Europeans to get a glimpse of their favorite K-pop stars in person. Well, here’s a chance for you to possibly make a difference.

Yesterday, JYJ announced the release of their upcoming global album titled “The Beginning”. In addition to this, they also announced a 8 city new album showcase from the 15th of October to the end of November in both Asia and the United States… once again, Europe is off the list.

Ergo, European fans started a project called “Let’s put Europe on the map!” They sent out various e-mails and a fan coordinator of JYJ’s tour (Monica) responded to their emails. She stated that they would like to see how many European fans actually exist and how many are willing to travel through Europe to attend a possible concert. The survey where they’re collecting this data can be found here.

If enough people participate, who knows… you might be seeing JYJ in a European country in the near future! I’m sure some of your favorite acts will also follow if JYJ were to put on a successful show.

*** This is our way of showing support for JYJ as well as European fans. If anyone from Europe visits our blog, don’t procrastinate. Get online, click the link, and poll. JYJ will someday be in a city near you!***



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