「Vids」JYJ; “Ayyy Girl” and mystery song!

There has been increasing hype around JYJ these past few months, especially with the news of the trio releasing their first full album called ‘The Beginning‘, as well as their collaboration with all-time famous rapper Kanye West for one of their tracks, ‘Ayyy Girl’.

Well, the long wait is finally over, as the full audio version of ‘Ayyy Girl’ was just recently revealed!

As the song was composed by Kanye himself, the track does have a taste of westernized hip hop to it – which is definitely a new style for the trio, however the song is still catchy nevertheless.

Additionally, JYJ kick-started their first stop of their global tour, ‘New Album Showcase Tour 2010′, inSeoul on October 12th, and luckily one of their performed songs was captured on audio. The song title is unconfirmed for now, but it can be considered a sneak peak of what’s to come, especially for those who are planning to attend their showcase.

Check out the two tracks below!

Credits: allkpop + fernyj90


Honestly, I’m disappointed :\ “Ayyy Girl” is incredibly mediocre. But at least theres 7 other songs to make up for it, right?


One Comment on “「Vids」JYJ; “Ayyy Girl” and mystery song!”

  1. grannyestee says:

    *grin* That’s also what I think about “Ayyy Girl”
    Many fans will think that I’m a “hater” coz I don’t like this song… WTF?! It’s just about different “taste” and “appreciation” in music… yet I still have right to say that this is not the song I like, eh?
    I like the other songs better… thank God! And just can’t wait for their own composed songs…

    I’m glad that they’re doing fine up till now. I could see that the showcase got success… that they still have lot of supports (even Ayu went to the concert ;-))
    Nothing can really stop them…
    Watch out world! 🙂

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