「Info」SM Entertainment Files ‘Exclusive Contract Suspension Injunction’ Against JYJ-CJeS

◆SM States “JYJ-CJeS Exclusive Contract is Invalid
5 member group TVXQ, who appear to be walking down the same path as the epitome of idol groups, HOT, has been swept up in a dual contract controversy.

With JYJ’s debut album on the verge of being released offline, TVXQ’s agency SM Entertainment revealed on the 13th that, “There is a possibility that the current series of events may lead to another legal dispute,” and “We filed an injunction to the Courts on the 8th to stop all sales of their album.”

SM revealed that, “We filed an exclusive contract suspension and album sales prohibition injunction to the Seoul District Courts against JYJ (Kim Junsu and two others) and CJeS Entertainment (CEO Baek Chang Joo),” and “JYJ’s actions of signing a dual exclusive contract with CJeS Entertainment, even though the verdict has not been made on the lawsuit involving their current and still valid exclusive contract, they are violating the primal purpose of the verdict laid down last October regarding their injunction.”

SM added that, “It has been clearly revealed that the contract between CJeS Entertainment and JYJ is a dual contract. By releasing their albums through CJeS Entertainment, there is a high possibility that this may lead into an unexpected third party legal dispute with for example, the album distribution company, depending on the verdict laid down on the lawsuit regarding the validity of their current exclusive contract.”


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T/N: This clarifies this article.
They have filed for an exclusive contract suspension and album sales prohibition injunction against JYJ-CJeS.

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