「Trans」JYJ; ‘Faceless Singers With Explosive Album Sales’

SM Entertainment has filed an exclusive contract suspension and album sales prohibition injunction to the Seoul District Courts on the 8th against JYJ.

Also, the ‘Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Arts Industry’ sent an official notice to KBS, MBC, SBS, cable TV companies, and album and online music distribution companies that says to refrain from aiding JYJ in their activities.

Contrary to this, the viewers’ thread of music program ‘Music Bank’ was hit with over 1000 new posts in two days.

The majority of the titles and content of theses posts called for JYJ’s appearance on ‘Music Bank’.

JYJ released their album ‘The Beginning’ on the 14th and recorded 220,000 pre-orders for their normal edition album and 300,000 pre-orders for their special edition album that will be released on the 18th. Considering the fact that an album is considered a hit in Korea if album sales surpass 100,000 copies, and that the most someone has sold recently was just over 200,000 copies, it is evident that JYJ’s album sales are superior compared to that of other singers.

Many are curious to see if JYJ, who have blown life into the Korean album market for the first time in a couple of years, will become ‘faceless singers’ or if they will appear on next week’s ‘Music Bank’ and change the fans’ requests into words of thanks.

Source: [tv daily+Yuaerubi]
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