[R&R] JYJ in New York City!

So, tomorrow I will be in NY with 2 of my best friends ever! We’re going to the NY Showcase with JYJ!! Can’t wait to see the boys for the first time in my life! I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like, it’s unreal!~  I was slightly upset when I heard they were on their way to NY on Tuesday night, my friend and I expected to be in the airport with them on Thurs. considering how their schedule had been with the other showcases, but it seems not so..  NY fans get to see them and get autographs  *jealous* TT_TT But it’s okay! Our flight leaves at 6:45am and we’ll be in NY by 11 am so we’ll have plenty of time to find them ^^ I’m hoping to have JJ sign something for me, I’m bringing “The..” to be autographed but I want all of them to sign it! This will be my first time going to NY so it should be a fun experience wandering around the Big Apple searching/stalking Big stars! The moment I lay eyes on Jaejoong I think my heart will stop breathing. I’m certain time will stop or slow down, my eyes will widen in delight and my intense stare will cause him to turn around. An amazingly embarrassing moment indeed lol I hope I do get to see him, I want that so much! ><

After the showcase I’ll definitely try to write a fanaccount, that will also be my first time as well. I hope I’m so emotionally moved by their performance and the words will just spill out of me effortlessly. I want to be able to remember this experience forever. I can’t even fathom the feeling I”ll have seeing them dancing, singing on stage before my very mortal eyes! If they’re short, skinny asian guys that would make it even better! I bet they’re adorable!!! It would be hilarious if I saw Jaejoong and mistake him for just a random hot asian guy xDDD I’d be like “whoa! hot asian guy” **stare stare**  Oh shi- IT’S JAEJOONG!!! X_x    That’s exactly how it’d go, I’m sure of it.

Ok, back to seriousness… I’m beyond excited right now, I’m so excited I’m calm o_o



2 Comments on “[R&R] JYJ in New York City!”

  1. Caly says:

    Dear Kya!!

    I´m wanna hoping for you fanacount, and if you bump suddenly in a hot korean and result be our Jaelicious… would you be so kind of give him a peck for me????

    Good Luck!!!

  2. Secret Syrup says:

    I hope that you and your friends had fun and didn’t get hurt or get hurt or anything.


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