「Fanaccount」JYJ in NY!

This is my first fanaccount so forgive me if it’s confusing or too long winded. I’m going to try to write as much as I can remember! There was a lot of things going on!  Ok let’s start!
My two friends and I left Florida at 5am for NY! This is our journey~
My friends and I arrived in NY around 1030am. We flew in at JFK airport in Jamaica, NY which is like an hour from Manhattan so we had to ride the subway to get to our hotel. Our check-in time was 3pm.  Once we finally arrived in NY we looked at a map to see exactly where we were and realized that  JYJ’s hotel [The New Yorker] was literally RIGHT ABOVE us. So I ran up the stairs and lo and behold there was their hotel looking me in right in the face.

There were about 30 fans waiting outside already; the time was around 12. I was so excited that I could have a chance to see JYJ ALREADY and I hadn’t even been in NY for more than 2 hours! I immediately got out my brand new camera that I bought specifically for this showcase and waited… and waited..and waited…. Their limo was outside and we were all hopeful they would appear but nothing happend.. All their managers were walking around talking and stuff.. It was really suspicious.. like something was definitely going to happen..but nothing did! I ended up talking to a lot of fans waiting outside! You guys were all so nice^^ Some fans had seen Jaejoong coming back to the hotel that morning and got a video and signatures. Lucky fans! My friends went to go check into the hotel cuz it was already around 2:30 I stayed behind at the hotel hoping to get a glimpse of my favorite JJ ^^ [[Jaejoong-bias]]  While we were all waiting inside we talked and stuff and then that famous Jaejoong tweet about the fans being outside the hotel happened lol I got it on my cell phone and I replied to it telling him there were only like 18 of us and that it wasn’t scary.  Guess he didn’t read it tho lol   We waited for about another 40 min before we got shooed out by one of the hotel people. Since we were guests at the hotel we couldn’t loiter inside D< Went back outside and waited for another 20 min but then I ended up leaving cuz i hadnt eaten anything all day. My friends and i left to go get food and then I met up with a friend who lived in NY. That was all of Thursday.
Friday, my friends and I wanted to go check out the hotel but there weren’t any fans infront.. We assumed maybe they had already left but it turns out they never really left their hotel o.O Guess the large amount of fans overwhelmed them. Bet they were expecting to be safe lol  So, we were worrying about the ticket situation because I got the news about the showcase being free on thursday but we had left out tickets back in Florida by accident. I had my laptop which I saved the tickets on but we couldnt print them because they were in .pdf format >< So we ended up printing the refunded reciept. [[but in the end this didnt matter anyway]]   We were going to go wait in line around 4pm but some other fans told us the line was already long and it was 12!!!  So we walked over to the Manhattan center and started waiting at 12:30.

Man was that wait line TERRIBLE.  There were already tons of people but as the hours went on it got BIGGER and BIGGER and BIGGER. The security people just kept walking up and down the line telling us to squeeze together even more. We all already couldnt move!!! The only way we survived was talking to other nice fans in near us. Everyone was soo cool, funny and awesome! After being packed together like slaves on a boat the security told us the line would FINALLY start moving. We were told the doors would open at 6:30 but it wasn’t until almost 7:30 that the line started moving really. As the line would move EVERYONE would rush forward in an ambush trying to get a better spot in line. It was SO dangerous. We were all being pushed by the HUGE cluster of people behind us. And the security were threatening to shut down everything if we kept pushing and ambushing. Honestly, there were WAAY more of us than them and we could have rushed the door if we wanted to. The security were WAAAY understaffed, they were also pretty rude to us fans. They treated us like cattle honestly.

FINALLY the line was separated into people with tickets [[or proof of purchase]]and those without tickets. People with tickets had to hold up the paper in their hands and we were let through. BUT for those who had receipts how would they have known how many tickets it was for??? THEY DIDN’T so once you got to the door the staff didnt even care. They would just let ANYONE with a piece of paper in. As I walked up to the entrance I held up my receipt expecting to have to explain my situation and he literally said to me “I don’t even know what that means just go in!” My two friends behind me only had one sheet because I bought their 2 tickets at the same time and they just let them in without evne looking at the paper. It was insane! Everyone was just running in trying to get close to the stage. Once everyone was in they stopped letting fans in but they definitely exceed capacity because there absolutely NO room to move or even breathe once that concert started. They were sitll testing the lights when we got in and even the smallest flicker of light made the fans shriek like something was going to happen. The camera people panned across the audience showing the fans and it was amazing the divserity of people there. There were people of all ages, races, ethnicities, nationalities!

People from other contienents came! There were even families who came togther! And the ratio of male to female was nearly equal! I will never forget at that guy up the balcony dancing xD And the guy with the “JYJ” light up thing on his iphone and of course those enthusiastic frat looking ups up in the front of the crowd xD Finally the hosts Julie Chang and Shane Yoo came out! They talked a lil and did some stupid comedy then and finally JYJ appeared! Unforunately I have no pics or vids of the showcase of my own because I dropped my camera a couple hours before D: But I do have some vids my friend took…

They. Looked. So. Amazing!!!  I was so in shock because they looked EXACTLY like any and every picture, video, gif I’ve EVER seen of them. Every little detail was EXACTLY the same!! They didn’t look real!! They started singing Empty and the crowed rushed up to the front trying to get closer to the stage. Their singing was dancing was FLAWLESS.During the entire concert it was SO crowded that people we trying to leave because they couldnt breathe. I was being pushed around and elbowed and cursed out by the people around me and I also was pushed closer to the stage throughout the showcase. Eventually I was about 3 feet from the people in the very front I had a VERY clear view of Junsu!!! 😀 There was even a part where he came to my side and I was screaming his name and he looked at me and he smiled at me!!!   I could really see Junsu and Jaejoong more than Yoochun. Junsu’s hair looked SO awesome xD For most of the showcase tho I couldnt see any of the dancing because there were SOOOOO many cameras. It really seemed like most people came to record rather than to enjoy the music and the boys. So many of the hands in the air didn’t have light sticks just cameras. It was really upseting. People were pushing and shoving me out of the way just to get a better view to record. I was actually trying to dance a little and have fun! I was screaming the hardest I could. I lost my voice lol  The was a part where Junsu came to my side and he started dancing all sexy OMG it was soooooo hot/awesome xD
During the Q&A I kept yelling out random things in response to what they weere saying xD Quite honestly I was being VERY obnoxious lol The way they hesitated at each question was really funny to me.  When the hosts took the picture with JYJ I screamed out “JEJOONG THE BACK OF YO HEAD IS RIDICULOUS!” xD I wonder if he heard me.  While they were performing I was trying so hard ot make eye contact with them. In the end I think I did with all the three but JJ and YC seemed to be avoiding looking directly at the audience. I can understand..the audience was VERY unruly.. They were probably afraid of the barricades being knocked down and getting mobbed.  The audience kept swaying and pushing back and forth like an earthquake. It was crazy.
Once they performed the Empty remix and made their exit the MV for Ayy girl started playing. Ive already seen it tons of times so I just left. And I knew that the video was used as a distraction so they could exit safely. I went outside and there was a cameraguy from Allkpop who interviewed me about the concert. I don’t know if they used it or not but it was fun :D. Also I got to scream with a bunch of fans at the cameraguy from MTVK.
All in all the showcase was great!! Even though the management was extremely disorganized and the staff were incompetent and rude but we all had fun and it looked like none of the fans got here and we all got to see JYJ ^^  Afterwards there were 2 white Hummerzines [[Hummer Limos]] outside their hotel and it looked like the dancers got in one and my friends and I assumed JYJ got in the other, but we’re not sure. The thing is tho..about an hour or so later my friend and iwere walking around Times Square and as were crossing the road we saw one of the Hummersines waiting at the light. I totally think it was JYJ.

Ironically while we were crossing some guy walked up to me and told me I had a beautiful forehead and that I should be a forehead model xDDD I totally thought of Micky when he said this lol and the Hummerzine was right in front of us lol  Just thought this was funny.
Well that was all for my JYJ/NY experience, I’m sorry it was so long but I really wanted to say a lot because this was a lot of first experiences for me. JYJ was amazing and I will DEFINITELY go see them again!!

written by KyaA:BeMyJYJ

All vids and pics are mine.


4 Comments on “「Fanaccount」JYJ in NY!”

  1. Amanda says:

    Okay! SO first let me are sooooooo so so so so so so so so SO lucky to have gone to the JYJ showcase in NY!!!
    I bet it was…the experience of a lifetime…and you haven’t even lived out all your years yet!! LOLZ

    I actually linked to this fanaccount from your facebook (okay I hope I don’t sound stalkerish now =__=) but I go to FSU in Tallahassee too! And I saw you in one of the KUSA meetings ^^ And when we were doing the little circle name game and we had to say something we liked someone said JYJ and you stood up and no one knew what the heck it was but I TOTALLY did! And I wanted to go talk to you but because yay! Another JYJ fan (A BLACK JYJ fan too! Like me haha) but..I didn’t want to seem weird…lmao
    So yah I sorta just found your fb from the KUSA fb members lists (yup..totally sound like a stalker now) and I absolutely went ballistic when I found out you got the chance to go to NY and see JYJ!!

    I wanted to go SO bad…but I don’t have any friends that like KPOP so 😛
    I’m always alone in this..and my parents were all “You can’t travel by your self!” and I was all “What the heck! I’m 19 and it’s only New York..and and..IT’S JYJ! WHEN WILL I EVER GET THIS CHANCE AGAIN!?!?” and they were all like “WELL, WHO’S THE ONE WHO WOULD BE PAYING FOR YOUR TRIP!?” AND THEN
    I was defeated =____________=

    And some friends I have…can you believe they said “Why would I pay that much for some Asian group I don’t even know? LOL” …arghhh..

    So I just got to sit here and mope all weekend. And with the LA concert coming up…my whole week feels like this cloud of gloom is hovering over me tch~

    So yah..this post was seriously pointless..I just told you my whole sad lifestory lmao
    However yes! It’s really awesome that you were able to go and I must ask..
    HOW WAS IT!?
    Are they as beautiful as they are in fancams/pics!?
    Is Joongie’s skin really so flawless and shining? Is Yoochun’s smile and greasy voice enough to kill? IS JUNSU REALLY SO ADORABLE!?!? (my bias ><) and it was really pointless and whiney at that 😛 SORRY!
    If you read this all..thank you! Feels good to get it off my chest…
    Thanks again!

    maybe I'll c ya round' sometime!

    • minicki says:

      Okay Amanda, I would like to meet you lol. That way we can 1) share with you our experience, and 2) so you can have a support system. We love JYJ/TVXQ, and if you would like…I am extending a hand of friendship. You can find me in Kyaa’s facebook list: Martika is the name XD. Thanks for visiting the blog and hope to talk to you soon. BTW, I’m the one who said JYJ lol.

  2. Amanda says:

    arghh some of my post got cut off lmao

    Are they as beautiful as they are in fancams/pics!?
    Is Joongie’s skin really so flawless and shining? Is Yoochun’s smile and greasy voice enough to kill? IS JUNSU REALLY SO ADORABLE!?!? (my bias ><) and it was really pointless and whiney at that. SORRY!

    But…if you read this all..thank you! Feels good to get it off my chest ^^
    Thanks again!

    maybe I'll c ya round' sometime!

  3. Amanda says:

    Okay..let me stop flooding your comment box lmao..
    the rest of my post…just won’t post for some reason!

    SORRY! (Last comment I promise!!)

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