「R&R・Vid」LA Showcase “Ayy Girl”

credits: YanisRei

The NG is so funny lol omg the female dancers xD i swear theyre playing a game like “which JYJ member can we dance up on tonight?” LOL they’re like targets lol  its hilarious how they just dance up on them like “surprise!!” UN TISS UN TISS XD and junsu and micky are like “:O oh shit” lol

looks like they never got Jaejung tho >< maybe he doesnt like random women dancing on him?

micky and that black dancer woo!! they were gettin it XD wish i could have been her lol

and @ 4:25 jaejoong says “playing me for a fool” it totally sounds like ‘playing me for WAH foo!  like waffle xDD ur playing him like a waffle lo


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