「Trans」Fuji TV’s Announcer’s Blog on JYJ Showcase in NY

About JYJ

Although I’ve already known them from before, the experience of my private interview with JYJ is very amazing.

When I have to explain to people who live in the US, “Tohoshinki” is a Korean group who has created a social phenomenon in Japan since several years ago.
Ah, by the way, you pronounce it as “Tohoshinki”.
Their releases would, as you would expect, grab the number 1 spot on Oricon chart.
When they have a tour, the 50,000 seats in Dome would be sold out in no time.
They sang the theme song for Fuji TV’s popular anime “One Piece”, appeared and performed live on “Tokudane!”, the variety show that I was in charge of. (T/N: Tokudane! is a TV program that they appeared on in Japanese)


We were unaware of what happened to them who have been working so hard. Fans were caught in a hard situation because they’ve been involved in a regrettable circumstance that lead to a halt on their activities at the moment.
I’m just saying this again, but none of them was at fault. Rather, I’d say that they are thriving their best.
At that time, I was in charge of the Entertainment corner at Tokudane!, and the staff and I were trying to bring them in.
However, because of some reasons which I can’t reveal in details, it is impossible to have them continue with their activities in Japan right now.

Then, the 3 members of Tohoshinki – Junsu, Jejung, Yuchun – took the first initial of their name to form “JYJ”.
On the occassion that JYJ debut in the US, I had a chance to have a 30-minute private interview with JYJ for FCI Morning EYE (T/N: a news program).

It has been a very long time since we met at Tokudane! studio, but their fresh personalities still haven’t changed at all.
As we started off a little with some tea, I was surrounded with their unchangeable aura.

However, there was a trouble.

The staff told them to answer the interview in Korean.

Of course, the staff didn’t have any bad intention, because they could naturally express themselves in Korean, and the staff could also understand what they said.
We had no choice but agreed to it. After we have settled the condition and the interview setting has been set, the 3 of them suddenly started to continuously complain to the staff.

After having us wait for 10 minutes, they said that the interview would be conducted and answered in Japanese.
I whispered to ask Yuchun, and it turned out that, they have persuaded the staff for our sake.

He told me, “Although we are in the US, it has been a long time since they were able to communicate with Japanese fans. We’ve been doing our best to study Japanese, so even if our Japanese is bad, we’d like to answer in Japanese.”

They haven’t changed.

They are still the polite and straightforward people that I met in Tokudane! studio back then.
When we started to film, Junsu said, “It has been a long time since we spoke Japanese so we’re getting very nervous”, and those were the first words of our interview.

At this moment, our FCI staff members are very busy, because we don’t want this to be just a 3-minute interview corner. We want to properly turn this into a special edition, so we’re doing our best to update our homepage.

Everyone, please don’t forget to watch their interesting interview!

You can watch the broadcasted interview here↓

Source: Hasegawa Yutaka’s Blog
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!


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