「Trans」Celebrities Of Korean Dramas 2010 – Park Yoochun In The Hot Springs

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Hyun Bin, Park Yoochun, Kim Ji Soo… 2010 Korean Dramas Hot Springs and Cold Springs

In 2010, many celebrities greeted audiences through the dramas they participated in. But the critiques and reviews they receive differ from one another, with some gaining positive feedback while others receive harsh criticism for their “feet acting” or lack of strict self-management.

Starnews has put together the celebrities of 2010 who have earned passionate responses from audiences in the “hot springs”, and those who have received cold reviews in the “cold springs”.

“Hot springs” – successful idol-turned-actor transformation, Park Yoochun

KBS2 drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ actor Park Yoochun debuted as an actor with this drama. Although many people were worried about his performance before the official broadcast of the drama, he used his strength in acting to prove their groundless worries. His next drama project as an actor is highly anticipated!

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