[R&R] JYJ Prohibited from performing at “Blue Dragon Film Awards”?

Foremost, I would have never heard of KPop if it weren’t for TVXQ. I know there are several prominent figures in the music industry of South Korea for the genre: Shinhwa, H.O.T, and S.E.S. However, SM Entertainment’s track record as an entertainment/talent agency has been shifting in my eyes lately. The members of JYJ left TVXQ definitely after a catalyst erupted within the walls of that building which hasn’t been formerly released to the public. With that being said, it is evident that there were disagreements over contract details. Even the judge agreed that the contract was unfair because it does go in favor of the agency more so than the artist. All contracts come with risks and benefits, but both are supposed to be shared equally by all parties involved. Furthermore, I don’t agree with hindering a man of achieving his rights of liberty and pursuit of happiness. That is exactly what I have watched SM Entertainment and the KFPCAI do to JYJ. All they want to do is make amazing music, which we can’t deny that they do. They want to present their creativity and sheer talent to the public who love them. They deserve to do that much. Denying them to right to appear on television, nationally or internationally is not only detrimental to them, but it damages the image of SM Entertainment as business incorporation. It is not forthcoming in my eyes for persons who want to become musicians to sign with your record label if they are to be blackballed for disagreeing with you at any point in time. Artists are not marionettes that you can string along at your free will. They have rights as mankind.

In addition, fans who are divided at the moment. Do not believe that Jaejoong, Yoochun, and/or Junsu are in this for the money. They didn’t initially want TVXQ to break up at all. This is complete farce. JYJ isn’t escaping this whole situation without suffering many blows to their pockets, fan base, and image. They’re not playing the victim here. They took a stance against a black tyrant record company, one of the largest in South Korea, and they’re still prevailing against them. However, look at what it is costing them. They are paying for their own costs right now, their image is being tainted by lies, and their fans are falling apart at the seams. I bet this is excruciatingly painful for them because they have friends in that company who they left behind, but this is not to ruin them. This stance is to make it possible for artists to get their fair share for all the work and effort they give. These boys went without seeing their families for years at a time, without proper rest, without socialization with people other than staff. I’m pretty sure they were denied a lot of the freedoms we take for granted. When they wanted to renegotiate the contract…SME didn’t agree with the conditions JYJ wanted to implement. They didn’t want to compromise. So, because SME won’t hear them…JYJ decided to walk a path of free men. This is not uncommonly heard in this world. Every country on this Earth has possibly been through wars over freedom and rights. They are taking a stance and they will not be deterred by anyone: not SME, AVEX, KFPCAI, or any other obstacle that comes their way. Their voices will ring high above the highest mountain top, and they will be seen. I suggest the Labor Force in South Korea help aid these boys and point out the facts that South Korea’s economy falls without the aid of JYJ. Other artists as well, need to speak up and quit being kicked around out of fear of discrimination. People talk trash all the time, but it takes gall to truly stand up for yourself. Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu keep your heads up high because I’m sure your guardians are watching over you. You continue being humble and watch your obstacles bend at their waist to kiss your feet. I wish well Yunho and Changmin as well. They’re victims too, but this situation is a bit difficult for them all. I will lend my unwavering support to all five of members of TVXQ.

Credits: minicki@BeMyJYJ


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