「R&R」Waiting for Your Return

I’ve been trying to stay so strong…sine they’re so called “hiatus”.

I’ve been supporting the three and feeling resent for the the two…

I’ve told myself I wouldn’t cry because..they’re just a band, they’re just a band..

but since they’re 7th year anniervsary has passed, tears have been coming to my eyes.

When i watch fan tribute videos, the channel a tohoshinki special.. the emotion comes out of me.

I miss them, I really do.

The five started out as just random strangers. Young singers and dancers with little to no direction in their lives and certainly with no expectation of what was to come. Who knew they’d be so successful?

The five slowly grew close, encountering situations and opputunties normal people could never imagine facing. The five became a family, closer than brothers, closer than friends. Five men who couldn’t live without the others. The five became one.   Hard times and good times came and went, the efforts of their hard work, perseverance, sincerity and shear raw talent is evident at their world-wide fanbase. Nearly every country on this planet has fans.

When I became a fan of the five music took on a whole new role in my life. When I was young, music was an escape, the entrance to a dream world. ismy dream. The five showed me my own destiny. Without them and their music in my life…I would have become a bitter, angry person..Their music was a type that changed my heart.

And now..through everything they’ve faced they’ve become the 3 and the 2.

Was it betrayal?  No matter what it was, it doesn’t matter now. Support is the only thing us fans should be concerned about. Let the personal matters be dealt with between them. Supporting them as 3 and as 2 although..deep in my heart and the heart of every fan, we want them to reunite. Jaejoong once said “If it isn’t 5, it’s not TVXQ”. If I never see a reunion of these men then this universe doesn’t make sense.

I’ll keep waiting.. I will. I must see these 5 on stage, before my eyes. What a life-changing experience that would be! So many of us never got the chance to see them do what they do best: perform. What a shame..  I have faith they’ll reunite. Together they are like magic. Mysterious yet mystifying. Beautiful and eerie.

They’re a acpella harmonies are haunting… The perfection of their blended voices is proof fate brought the 5 together. To be TVXQ was their destiny.

For now, I’ll continue to stay strong because they have. I’ll support the 3 and the 2 and judge them fairly. All and all I can honestly say I love these five; not the creepy-stalker-I’m-gonna-have-your-babies kind of love. Just the “Thank you for being in my life” kind of love.

I want to cry when I think about what they must be going through.. and yet they still must have a smile on their faces for the fans. So, I won’t cry. I’ll smile so you can smile. Together we can all get through this until the day TVXQ returns to us as 5.  I’ll always hope to the end.




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