「Fx3」Jaejoong; Mad Scientist or Sexy Rocker?

It’s been ages since I’ve written a 「Fine, Fresh, Fierce」on the JYJ boys but after browsing through the surfacing pics of Jejung’s INTERMODULATION I just couldn’t resist! I’ve decided not to upload the pics to this blog since there’s a buttload of them. If you want to see them just go to DBSKnights or SYC to get your sexy Jejung fix!

Of course, any picture with Jae in it has a special quirk to it and from JYJ’s recent photoshoots we can see that Jae can go through some shocking transformations! From sexy to cute, quirky to sad, happy to just plain retarded! Each persona is almost like a different piece of his 4-D personality.

The pics that really got my attention (besides his topless playtime) were the one with him sporting his wavy-permed hair. I remember when I first saw this hair-style(from the JYJ fansign events) my reaction was more of confusion rather than excitement. To me he looked like a mad-scientist who was conducting an experiment in his laboratory until…

The experiment went horribly wrong.

Generally, the comments on his new ‘do consisted of, ” Jae oppa you look so sexy!!” and “his new hair makes my heartbeat so fast!!!”  I read comments like these with a huge question mark over my head. How was this sexy? I can almost see the smoke coming from the tips of his hair and I can smell the chemicals. It was just some major mad scientist bedhead.


But then I saw some pics from INTERMODULATION (what does that even mean?) and I was pleasantly surprised when I finally discovered what this kooky hair-style was for…

Jaejoong lookin’ like an 80’s rocker! Sexy much? I absolutely adore this look on him!  Or maybe a 90’s Asian rapper?   Which ever it is it’s HOTT. I must say I really LOVE this hairstyle on him. The rocker look really suits him.

Definitely one of my favorite looks for him. Aside from his hair-pulled-back pissed off look, with his muscles glistening, eyes piercing with intense sexuality

ANYWAY this sexy, messy playful hair certainly has my heart beating faster than when I saw it before.  And I love how he goes from rocker to Wall Street with just the addition of a suit.

His versatility amazes me.

Jaejoong I dub this look: FIERCE

Shared by: kyaA@BeMyJYJ


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