「Trans」Junsu; Kim Junsu was asked “Why did you write that kind of tweet?”

On-Site Interview held at KST 8:16pm 110106
Park YooChun: “I am also curious why he wrote that? Why did he do that?”
Kim Junsu: “This year I will show a better image of myself.”

Kim Junsu expressed his feelings through twitter, using his words sparingly, showing caution.

On the 6th, at some place in Seoul, they intended to give New Year Greetings to the reporters due to their soon to be released Music Essay album. Today, Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun, Kim JaeJoong with bright expressions said, “Happy New Year and Take care of us this year”.

But Kim Junsu did not give any reply to the question, “Why did you write those kind of things on Twitter?” which was asked by a reporter. And in response to the reporter which asked Junsu “What kind of feelings did you have when you were writing those tweets?”, Park YooChun who was beside Junsu also added in, asking Junsu, “I am also curious why you wrote that? Why did you do that?” Kim Junsu mustered a smile and with a stiff expression said, “I should go now”, and left his seat.

These are words, said after the greetings, with regards to the separate activities that the 3 members of JYJ and 2 members of DBSK are carrying out now. Kim Junsu said, “Last year, many bad things happened and it seems that there were also trials and errors. But this year, I will show a better image of myself.”
Kim JaeJoong said, “We should have kindled good disputes, I am sorry that we caused many bad disputes.”

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Translated by: christabel88@DBSKnights
Credits: Chosun
Shared by:BeMyJYJ



6 Comments on “「Trans」Junsu; Kim Junsu was asked “Why did you write that kind of tweet?””

  1. Triesse says:

    What do you think of all this? I really think it might be time to put the aktf banners away, how about you?

  2. kyaA says:

    I believe that Junsu did nothing wrong by tweeting about his honest feelings. I’m very disappointed in the others who have butted into this situation when really this is all between 5 members. ..By the looks of this situation it does seem that there is a small chance for them to reunite but that doesn’t mean we should lose faith. Maybe our strong faith in them will inspire them to get back together?
    I would really like to see Yunho step up and say something about all this. He was their “leader” after all.

    • Triesse says:

      I feel the same way, Junsu was talking to Yunho the only way he could and he never called them ungrateful or traitors like the sm artists did. Yunho should have talked to Junsu himself instead of letting everyone else speak for him.

  3. minicki says:

    Junsu definitely has the right to speak up about his feelings, they all do. I’m not angry at him for speaking clearly to whoever the message was intended for. Junsu, nor any of the other members have implied any ill intentions towards Yunho or Changmin. They have never labeled them as anything but family. I am very disappointed that other prominent artists have used harsh words toward their fellow men and have labeled them wrongly. I feel they should keep to their own groups and worry about their own careers. In my opinion, if your own court system has ordered a modification in contracts for artists of the company…obviously something wasn’t right. Lastly, as a leader, Yunho should have spoken to them. There is no way he didn’t know this was going on. There is always a catalyst to every problem, and I’m sure they all saw it. He needs to speak up for himself and not sit back while the peanut gallery fuels this raging fire of hate. My stance is this: I will definitely stand with someone who faces their obstacles head-on even with the risk of never being able to do what you love most. Those individuals have courage and will triumph because the word triumph has the key word within it: TRY

  4. bpsyco says:

    he has thr right to speak his mind
    but not infront the whole world

  5. minicki says:

    @bpsyco: If people were to do that in society, social relationships wouldn’t last. Withholding things is the precursor to maladaptive behaviors. This is why and how advocacy began! If people like Junsu did what you just said, individuals would just continue doing things without noticing how their actions affect the people around them. Please remember…he is human and his freedom of speech is as much a right as yours.

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