「Trans」Junsu; Xiah Junsu’s ambiguous tweets to TVXQ’s Yunho concerns fans

JYJ Xiah Junsu’s recent series of ambiguous tweets have alarmed fans, as they may have been directed at TVXQ’s leader Yunho.

On December 6th, Xiah Junsu wrote on his Twitter, “Until now, I kept believing that it wasn’t true, I believed that (it) was the enemy of all five of us, but I guess it wasn’t really the enemy of all. To see that (they) expressed their gratitude to something I thought was both our enemies.. I guess a lot of things happened in the time we weren’t together. This is so tiring.”

He continued, “I keep wanting to think, hear, and see only good things, but it’s very hard to do that today. Even though we’ve been apart, you know that wasn’t right, hyung. We thought the same. Why are you being like this.”

In TVXQ’s ‘Thanks to’ section of their new album, Yunho expressed his gratitude towardsSM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man. Yunho also wrote, “Lastly~ You’ve been waiting a long time, right? Our Cassiopeia! I’m really really thankful that you waited for us to spring back. I heard this somewhere, but I heard it’s best to rest a bit before climbing a wider and taller mountain! Everyone~ Should we all hold each others’ hands tightly and climb up together? I’m so thankful, and thankful once more~ Lastly Changmin-ah~ You’d know even if I don’t say it, right? I love you! I get so much strength when you’re next to me. Should we show them how much we’ve grown? Okay! TVXQ’s second coming starts now!”

Additionally, Jaejoong was noted to have also changed his Twitter profile description to, “You keep your head up and keep an open mind”, and he tweeted, “I’m just hoping to be. I close my eyes, ears.” Many are speculating that these words were in reference to TVXQ’s comeback title track, “Keep Your Head Down.

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One Comment on “「Trans」Junsu; Xiah Junsu’s ambiguous tweets to TVXQ’s Yunho concerns fans”

  1. tsonenmaha says:

    لبى جونسو يَ ناس آكيد العدو واحد وانا رديت عليه وقلت له SM بيظل عدو TVXQ يوموني
    بسً يونهو يقول انا ممتن لـ SM عَ الكليب الجديد عشان كذا جونسو كتب كذا ~ صراحتن يونهو هو الغلطان =(

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