「Misc」Park Seungil Tweets about Jaejoong & Junsu/ Mr. Egg’s reply to Junsu|TVXQ conflict

[TRANS] 110108 Producer Park Seungil Throws Away Prejudices Because Of Kim Jaejoong & Junsu
“All this time I’ve had a critical attitude towards pop idol culture.
In full honesty I look down on the Korean music industry that leans too heavily on idols, so I’ve never thought of writing songs for idols either.
This side of me met Jaejoong and Junsu last October autumn when I wrote the OST for SungKyunKwan Scandal.
On the day that I worked with them on the recordings, it was the most impressionable day in the 10 years that I have produced so many varieties of music.
Were the stubborn prejudices that I had had for so long wrong?
Was I the ignorant person?
If you look from the results, the two gave their best performance and sentiments in the limited amount of time they were given.
They both have unique vocals, which allowed me to know about their individualistic characteristics.
These things form from hard work and experience.
For singers, it is the most incomprehensible and hardest to resolve – like fate.
After they finished recording, I exclaimed how such a deformed idol-based Korean music industry could create such perfect idols.
This is definitely not flattery or sweet-talk.”

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This is the full paragraph written by John Yoon (Mr. Egg) at his facebook page than one we shared before at our previous post : here


This is Junsu’s heart not for a girl he loves… but it was written for you fans (Cassies) and the other 2 members (Homin). This was why he was so devastated by the lyrics to KYHD. Please stop bashing Junsu. He is a sweet angel from heaven…. He only deserves our love and support. Let’s always stay by his side so he can stand on a grand stage to sing this song for us again with a HUGE smile and joy in his heart. We love you Junsu! We’ll always stand by you no matter what… because we know who you really are… we know your true heart… we know your character… that’s who we all fell in love with… and nothing will ever change that.

This line, “빛의 별들의 향연 the brightness of the star’s lights” is referring to Cassies… the stars in the sky… Cassiopeia shining bright… but where is that bright light now? It’s being stifled by bitter fighting and hate. Please let the li…ght shine brightly again. Please be proud stars in the sky. Please show not only JYJ or Homin but to the rest of the world… that Cassies are a proud fanclub… Cassies show love and not hate. Cassies forgive and do not point fingers… Cassies always stand by the boys… because love never changes.


One day, I was with Junsu… he shared a song with me in the car that he’d written. It was still unfinished and we heard it through his phone… It only had the music with no lyrics yet… I asked him where the lyrics were… he smiled and …started sharing the lyrics with me… he started talking about how most people would interpret this song as love between a man and a woman. But he said his intentions were written that this song is between him (JYJ) and the fans (Cassies). He also said it was towards Homin. He looks forward to standing on the same stage with them someday. Until then, he’ll just wait and love. Junsu’s last 2 tweets after all this happened was the lyrics to this song. He was very emotional that day thinking about the DBSK days as 5. Can you imagine how he’s feeling now? People have totally misunderstood his heart and made him a liar and betrayer. Junsu is so innocent. You can see and hear his pure heart in this song. Remember, this song was written BEFORE all this chaos started. Please… don’t spread and increase the hate. Cassies must stay united. Cassies must stay strong for their boys. Don’t let something that took 7 years to build crumble overnight.

I usually don’t share any personal experiences with the boys… but I couldn’t stand idly by seeing such a beautiful person be smeared negatively by false statements!! This song’s lyrics was held close to Junsu’s heart. He cherished his mem…ories as 5 members and with all the millions of Cassies. That’s why it was SOO shocking to Junsu when he heard the KYHD lyrics and other artists attack JYJ and call them “betrayers” and “ungrateful.” That’s why Junsu’s last tweets was reciting this song… because in his hearts, he’s still waiting for the day to unite. It was such a shock when the lyrics said such harsh things. I can’t even imagine how Junsu felt!!! He’s such a kind, patient, and thoughtful person… for him to have tweeted what he did…. he must’ve been pushed to the very end of a cliff. He must’ve felt his entire world coming down on him. I will support Junsu no matter what. I don’t think him tweeting what he did was a mistake. I don’t think he needs to apologize for anything! Remember…. time will reveal the righteous. The truth will withstand everything. Like the Bible says, the truth will set them free. Let us always continue to support them.

credit: John Yoon FB
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Source:@whozthatXIAH &John Egg’s FB
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