[Artl/Trans] Junsu’s honest reply to reporters

In reply to a recent question posed by reporters at the “Tears of Heaven” venue rehearsal concerning TVXQ, Junsu has this to say.

“As expected, I am unable to know the answer.”

To continue his thought and to humbly offer the reporter a bit of his mind set for his future:

“If I were able to offer an answer, I would say something, but, I am also unable to comprehend what this is. With regards to how it will turn out in the future, and what kind of situation this is now, I do not know.”

Also, he said, “I just simply want to visit this year with better stories compared to the many surprises of last year. In the past, I talked elaborately about the things I would like to achieve. But for now, compared to those wishes, I just hope that, compared to 2010, there will be many more days where I am able to smile. And I would like to become a little happier.”

He concluded with saying, “In order to achieve all these, I think I will have to work harder. This is the only thing I can do for now.”

Therefore, it’s safe to say that at least Junsu is a bit confused himself about the current state of TVXQ, about the decisions being made by SME and HoMin referring to TVXQ, or even his future as a member of TVXQ. Through his confusion, he is searching for personal growth. Our sincere hope is that he does smile warmly in his pursuit of happiness in 2011.

Translated by: christabel88@DBSKnights
Source: Star News

Credits: BeMyJYJ! Fansite


One Comment on “[Artl/Trans] Junsu’s honest reply to reporters”

  1. Othe says:

    JYJ, I’ll never doubt U. We’ll always support U.

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