「Trans」JYJ; Fans plan to set up their own internet broadcasting station for JYJ

JYJ fans have set out to open an internet broadcasting station specifically for JYJ.

Despite achieving tremendous results with their first worldwide album, “The Beginning“, fans have been unable to hear their favorite trio sing on live broadcasts (aside from a congratulatory performance onKBS’s “Drama Awards“).

Motivated by their frustration, fans stepped forward and began collecting donations for an “Exclusive JYJ Internet Broadcasting Station.”  With March 3rd as its scheduled broadcast date, fans have secured a server and are currently hiring DJs, scriptwriters, web designers, and other necessary staff members.

One fan commented, “It will be done in the same style as ‘Radio 21.’  We’ve prepared a large server that will be able to handle a large influx of fans.“   Another fan added, “Through perseverance, we have prepared a broadcasting station for JYJ, who have been met with difficulties on preparing on public broadcasting networks.  We promise to immerse ourselves in JYJ and their music all day long, and to create a hot response so that public networks are forced to request their appearances on their shows.

A hiring message on the program’s board reads, “We’d like to alert everyone that there are people that have bought the necessary equipment with their own money.  The station will be run as non-profit, and hired staff (even if they have a Harvard diploma) will not be paid.  The members of JYJ will see this homepage (Wouldn’t they be curious?).

At such welcoming news, JYJ fans commented, “If we need a miracle, we will create it.  Fighting, JYJ and fans!,” “Can we donate, I want to help in any way I can,” and “This is a respectful act, you are creating miracles.”

Source + Photos: Review Star

Credits: allkpop
Shared by: BeMyJYJ


One Comment on “「Trans」JYJ; Fans plan to set up their own internet broadcasting station for JYJ”

  1. MINMIN says:

    we need to vote for JYJ ,please ,we are already behind SUJU ,please..

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