「Trans」Yoochun; Park YooChun Interview Part 2 ‘While acting I felt a surge of anger at myself’

Q: You are undergoing a law suit with SM and I know that due to various circumstances, you are suffering many difficulties with regards to your activities. If you had just remained there (SM), even if it was short, you would have been able to carry out activities from the best place for a while. Why did you give up that glory?

YC: We made a resolution. It is correct to say that we gave up that glory. When we were there, we didn’t think of that and though we just thought that we wanted to do it for a long time, now, we want to work while raising our new, good family.

Q: There were many cynical remarks about why you are even acting. But recently, while looking at you, many people are feeling that you will be able to take on the role of an actor well and their anticipation seems to have increased. While searching for “Actor Park YooChun” at various places; it is like saying that the bar has been raised, isn’t it?

YC: Many drama and movie scenarios are being introduced, but I was unable to review every single one of them. Rather than aimlessly carrying out a project, I would like to consult with the people around me and decide on a good project together. I think all of these arose because SKK Scandal did well. (Laughs)

Q: As you are still new to acting, there are many points to be corrected with regards to acting. I think this is a process that you need to go through in order to become a splendid actor in the future. But there should be times where your anger surged because you did not know what to do about your own acting right?

YC: Of course there was. While filming SKK Scandal, I prepared many things, but during the actual filming, the director requested for more perfect acting. During those times, my mind really went blank. Though I wanted to show (the emotions), when I was unable to do it the way I wished, I got really angry at myself.

Q: After finishing your first drama project, what thoughts remained in your head?

YC: After filming ended, I was really very sick for 2 days. I was absent-mindedly staying still at home and till some time ago, I also could not really remember the studio which I had worked at. Around the time when I got better, I realized, “Ah! I have completed the drama”. Initially as I wanted to check the reactions with regards to the drama during that time on the internet, I turned on the computer, but because I was embarrassed, I immediately shut it off. If we talk about what remains in my mind… I looked back, thinking, “Weren’t there mistakes that I made in front of my seniors” “Perhaps there weren’t things which I did not do well” “Were there people whom I did not greet” etc. So I individually called those people I wasn’t able to take care of during the filming, and greeted them.

Q: How long do you think you will be able to remain in this profession until?

YC: After our most recent Japan concert, I suddenly had this thought, “Till when will I be able to this?” Firstly, I would like to continue doing this until my mom, younger brother, fans and the members (the people around me) will be satisfied. However in the future, if my mom is unable to move around freely anymore, I would like to be by her side and take care of her.

Q: It is not too much to say that you received these 3 awards because of the fans right? Don’t you have the desire to become a person whose acting skills are recognised and to get bigger awards?

YC: That is why I feel a bigger responsibility. I also feel embarrassed. Though of course I felt happy, it made think if I deserved to receive the awards. Receiving these awards has actually become a good stimulation for me.
And while observing the award ceremonies every year and looking at the actors who take part in flourishing projects and with one project each year, winning big awards, I thought that I would like to be a little different. I do not want to get a big award though just one project in a year, but I want to receive recognition for my acting skills through many projects.

Q: Though it is a blatant question like asking “Do you like your mother or do you like your father more”, after carrying out activities as a singer and an actor, which do you think suits you more?

YC: I like music and acting. I don’t think I like being a singer or actor. Since middle school, though I tried composing songs.. even now, before I sleep, even if I don’t end up writing songs, I will try to play the piano. That is why I thought I really do like music. After that, I will try to take a pill and write songs too. (Laughs) Acting too.. While reading the script, though I feel a sense of burden, during the actual filming, when I look at my absorbed appearance, I feel that, “Ah, I am enjoying this”. I really like both, and they are really enjoyable. When I feel a sense of accomplishment, I feel that that is even more true.

Translated by christabel88@DBSKnights
Credits: Chosun
Shared by: BeMyJYJ

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