[Artl] JYJ’s Appearance on SBS’s “Good Morning”

After numerous delays, JYJ’s segment on SBS’s talk show, “Good Morning,” aired on January 19th. Fans got to see the boys discuss their recent activities, and even divulge some fun facts about each other while on the show.

Insert Scream and Fandom HERE!!!

Yoochun and Junsu opened up their segment by talking about Jaejoong‘s tears after JYJ completed their first Korean concert. “Jaejoong has a lot of tears. Whenever he cries, there’s no end; it’s as if a faucet was turned on!”

When asked to choose the team’s strongest member, Jaejoong chose Junsu and reasoned, “He’s strong, but also level-headed. He tries to see only the positive things, and quickly forgets the bad things. He’s the type that wants to advance forward.”

Moving onto Yoochun, Jaejoong continued, “Yoochun is a very honest person, so he expresses how he feels very well. Since Junsu only thinks of positive things, it’s up to me to handle the negative.”

Yoochun replied, “Since Jaejoong-hyung is the oldest, he tries to handle the stressful things on his own. As for me, whenever something sad comes up, I try to embrace it, even if it’s upsetting. I am pretty expressive of my emotions.” To the amusement of the studio, he added, “ Jaejoong relieves his stress by drinking.”

Jaejoong clarified, “I’m always worried about things since I have to prepare ourselves for the negative. While trying to find ways to relieve the stress, I realized that there’s nothing better than alcohol.”

The members ended their segment with their thoughts on becoming seniors in the industry. Junsu concluded, “There are a lot of idol groups with members who were born in 1990. It feels weird being seniors. ” Yoochun added, “At the time of our debut, we were the youngest teens in the industry. Our seniors would call us ‘baby’ and such, but now we’ve become the seniors.”

Don’t worry boys, your fans will always be by your side. With unwavering support and love, we will be your footprints in the sand. JYJ Hwaiting!!!

Credits: OSEN via Nate
Shared By: BeMyJYJ!


One Comment on “[Artl] JYJ’s Appearance on SBS’s “Good Morning””

  1. w. says:

    Exercise to relieve stress is better…better for you JJ, and better for fans.

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