「Trans」JYJ; JYJ Fans Collected 100 Million Won in 4 Days, “The Power of Fandom”

The fans of group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) have been involved in fund raising activities and ever since the project was launched in only 4 days the donation already surpasses 100 million won, showing the strength of the group’s fandom.

JYJ fans who want to cheer for JYJ’s future activities started a fund raising activity since January 14th to put ads showing their support message on the body of buses in town.

At the launch of the project, the routes and bus in target had been determined and the length of advertising line that will be placed on the bus’ exterior depends on the size of the bus and will include a phrase ‘We support your youth’ as well as names of the three members.

The fund raising account is jointly managed by JYJ Fan Coalition, they also published two scans of the project’s deposit account at their official blog for transparency purpose.

Since last January 14th midnight to January 18th, the project has collected a top notch amount of 100 million won. While due to requests from overseas fans, the fund raising period was extended and finally on January 20th the amount turns to 140 million won.

Having a charity activity that creates 100 million won in only 4 days, it shows the enormous fanbase of the group that even surprised entertainment officials. Fans were planning and managing this project all by themselves, even JYJ agency official was amused to hear about this news.

JYJ fans have also prepared to broadcast their own internet broadcasting station. Due to conflict with the group’s former agency (SM Entertainment) that disrupt all JYJ’s promotional activities, this action was taken to fight back as fans present a private broadcaster dedicated to specially air JYJ’s songs. Another fans’ bus ad project is currently in progress, and will be launched on March 3rd.

credit: OSEN
Shared by: BeMyJYJ

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