「Trans」Jaejoong; Answered 4 Personal Questions at Hero Festival

Question 1: What are the three most important elements in social networking?

Jaejoong: It is very important to build a social network. I have lost many friends recently (I assume he is referring to the aftermath of the SM lawsuit) therefore I spend most of my time at home. This is a very appropriate question for the current stage of my life. To build a strong social network is extremely important. I tried to get to know more people, but making new friends is not as easy as it seems. Recently, I have met many people with similar interest as me. When hanging out with a friend and you happen to be a good listener, or you are very open and understanding towards the other, and at the same time that person wants to find someone who he can trust and is willing to listen…these are the reasons why people want to hangout with me. It sounds like I’m complimenting myself…

I think this is a good way of building a strong social network though. If you really listen and give your honest opinions and feedback then people will have a great time when they are out with you.

Is it really amusing that I am self MCing right now? haha
Hold on a second, let me look at the next question. Oh! It looks like a good question.

Question 2: What will you become in ten years? Please make a video for the ten years later Jaejoong!

Jaejoong: I think I will probably look old ten years later. Aish…to be honest, I live a “backwards” life. Perhaps everyone will experience this at some point. When you are young, you will try to act like a grownup. As you grow older, you will realize your strengths but also realize your own weaknesses. At times like these you will become more of a child? This is how I am feeling right now. Perhaps it will be even more severe when I get older. But if I marry someone with a childish attitude then maybe I will not become more childish…hahaha~

To my ten year later self:
Um. “Jaejoong, Jaejoong, what are you doing? Singing…acting…or a normal worker with a family? I don’t know. Not matter what, I hope you are happy. I sincerely hope you are truly happy. Because then you can bring more happiness to the people around you. Hmm…and the fans who are in front of you…I hope they will still be by your side. So work hard!”

Question 3: it seems like you don’t really need to sleep at night. What do you usually do when everyone else is sleeping?

Jaejoong: nothing really. I surf the internet, look at the night scene, drink a little bit, I would also read sometimes…if my manager or friends are over, I would hang out with them. Um…yeah I don’t really do too much. Therefore I always twit on twitter at night. I am just like you guys. You guys would stare at the computer screen until late at night, hide away from other family members with the door closed and lights off, I would do the same. I look at many different things online, which includes bad things (omg I wonder if he’s referring to porn…) Or I would also look at pictures of celebrities I like, or my own pictures. And…to be honest, I would look at the comments you guys post about my pictures and my videos. Ah~so embarrassing. But other celebrities do it too. If a celebrity say they don’t do this, they are definitely lying. Oh, and also, when celebrities meet up in private, we discuss these kind of things too. So please give me positive feedbacks. Ah~how awkward…

Question 4: Which personal belonging of yours do you cherish the most? Is there something that you would even take with you when you travel abroad?

Jaejoong: Things that I would always bring with me…even if I’m going out for just three days, and even if I don’t get a chance to wear them, I would definitely bring three different outfits. Because, actually this is quite funny, I was traveling abroad with the members awhile ago and when we came back, another member and I were both wearing the same outfits we wore when we left the country. However, the fans only criticized me. Ah, perhaps criticize is too harsh of a word, but they would say things like, “Jaejoong, why do you always wear the same clothes?”

I actually mismatch clothes all the time. I don’t know…but in you guy’s hearts, Jaejoong is suppose to have a very good fashion sense, but I actually frequently mismatch my clothes. In the past two weeks, I only changed my shirts three times. Are you guys shocked? I am becoming more and more lazy these days so I don’t even change my clothes anymore. But I do change my undergarments frequently!

Credits: TVXQBaidu

Trans: princessepiggy @ DBSKnights
Shared by: BeMyJYJ

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