「Trans」Junsu; Musical ‘Tears of Heaven’ Premiere, “I will try to meet audiences’ expectations”

Kim Junsu, “I’m so nervous to appear in a musical that seems to be a perfect show,”

JYJ member Kim Junsu shared his impression regarding his first performance at musical ‘Tears of Heaven’ press conference on February 1st at 11:00 am at Seoul National Theater.

“This February 1st is my first performance” he said, “All actors before me have actually said everything so I have nothing more to say now. Yet I must admit that I feel really nervous because this is the very first original musical from the Korean script of ‘Tears of Heaven’, and thinking that the musical has been prepared to be a perfect one, I start to tremble.” he described the tension he felt during the beginning phase of his musical. “However, I feel really good at the same time too. Hopefully I can finish this first until last performance safely without any of the actors getting injured.”

Kim Junsu also added, “Starting today, I will try to impress everyone in all of my performances. I will do my best to meet audiences’ expectations on me.” the singer and originally non-musical actor vowed his determination.

At today’s first performance where Junsu emerged singing ‘Can you hear my words’ in the scene where he broke up with Lin due to attempt from Colonel Grayson was a really heartbreaking moment. The song composed by Frank Wildhorn has such magnificent depth that is expected to be able to impress and filtrate audiences’ mind.

‘Tears of Heaven’ story started with the background of Vietnam war during 1967, the love that bloomed between Jun and Lin lasted for 20 years as the two walked their paths in past to present. How Jun doesn’t give up his love through all those years is one that left deep impression in the story.

Musical ‘Tears of Heaven’ will be held from February 1st to March 19th at Seoul National Theater.

Junsu’s Cast Board

credit: asiae + osen

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