「Trans」JYJ; Court Judged That Crebeau Was Not Responsible to The Cause of TVXQ’s Breakup

Court has ruled that Crebeau, the cosmetic company which has been blamed for the breakup of TVXQ is indeed innocence.

In July 2009 TVXQ 3 members now formed JYJ filed an injunction application in Seoul Central District Court against their former agency SM Entertainment to terminate their exclusive contract, which SM then released an official statement pointing Crebeau as one which was responsible to the cause of lawsuit and the three members were tempted by financial issue from the cosmetic business, however after futher investigations Court has revealed that Crebeau is clearly not guilty.

Upon the accusation, Crebeau responded by accusing that it was only SM’s attempt to conceal their internal problems with their artists, thus created a misleading public opinion that could deflect fans’ criticisms by pointing other party as the culprit. Crebeau also took legal action against SM due to defamation of the company.


After reviewing the case since December last year, Court finally concluded that the accusation to Crebeau was indeed a wrong alarm for there were not enough evidences and called the case to an end.

Meanwhile Crebeau has been sponsoring Superstar K’s Woo Eun-mi, and also supported JYJ and Woo Eun-mi’s broadcasting activities.

credit: News Nate



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