「Trans」JYJ; QTV Reality Programme, Broadcast cancelled in the end…Why?

The broadcast of the reality programme which will include insight into the daily lives of group JYJ (Kim JaeJoong, Park YooChun, Kim Junsu) has been cancelled in the end.

On the 1st, a message with the title “Announcement regarding the cancellation of QTV’s broadcast” was released on C-JeS Homepage.

The C-JeS side revealed, “This is a guide regarding the cancellation of the QTV Broadcast. The Real TV Broadcast which was meant to provide an in-depth coverage on JYJ’s recent situation and daily lives which can’t be seen on broadcast and to let the fans have the opportunity to get closer to JYJ has been cancelled.”

Also, “Originally, “JYJ Real TV” was planned to be broadcast in February, but on Friday, we received a notice from QTV that the broadcast would not be possible. We are deeply sorry towards the fans who have been following QTV’s press release and publicity and have already been full of anticipation (for the broadcast). When what has been filmed by QTV has been reverted to C-JeS, we will try our very best to share what has been filmed in the shortest time possible.”

JYJ had planned to share the images of their daily lives through cable channel QTV’s Reality Programme “JYJ’s Real 24” this month. Though it was initially planned that the programmed would be broadcasted in February, the construction of the programme was postponed, and in the end C-JeS received the notification that the broadcast would not be possible.

JYJ’s side said, “We are embarrassed to receive this one-sided notification that the broadcast will not be possible. We are unable to accept the reason. We feel sorry towards the fans who have been waiting for this programme.”

Translated by: christabel88@DBSKnights



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