The Authors.

KyaA: [Jaejoong’s twin flame ♥]

NAME: Kiara B.

AGE: 19

LOCATION: Jaejoong’s heart (Actually, Florida -_-)

I’m eccentric, pretty crazy, and a bit animated. I love words, music, fashion and muchmuchmuch more! I’m a daydreamer and I believe in destiny. My friend got me into Kpop 4 years ago; I began as a Super Junior fan (E.L.F. scares me >.>). From there I branched out to other Kpop artists, K-dramas and even Korean society! O.o DBSK (TVXQ) was a group that fell under my radar until 2008 . I downloaded all 8 albums and fell in love with them as people and as artists. Now, they are my ultimate favorite group. Though I’ve become a fan pretty recently, I’ve researched back (even to their first performance) and have tried to learn as much as about them as possible. I am extremely happy for JaeChunSu for starting a new group and support them 100%! I do miss all 5 together but I’m equally as content with just the 3.  Jaejoong has been a poignant influence in my life. He’s someone I look to for guidance and he always cheers me up when I’m feeling down. ^^  He’s definitely my “bias” and my “husband” but on a deeper level he’s so much more to me.

Tika: Love Today, and Nothing Else Matters.

NAME: Martika B

AGE: 20

LOCATION: Sunshine State, Florida!!

Hi! A little about myself: I’m a steadfast, straight-forward young woman. I’m overconfident, yet very humble. I am a true friend who can be depended on. I love to have a great time and laugh. I love music, fashion, and automobiles. I was introduced to KPop in 2008 (thanks Ri) and dove in depth in 2010. I definitely don’t have my Ph.D. on KPop, but that’s my goal. I began as a DBSK/TVXQ/THSK fan and branched out to other “bands”. Although I have not been a fan for a long period of time, I truly do respect the members and their craft. I have learned so much about/ from DBSK, and will continue to support the members in their future activities.

PurpleKumiko:“Amazingly Awkward and Awkwardly Amazing”

NAME: Angela M.

AGE: 19


Hey! So..I guess I should talk about myself here. First, I’m really bad at writing about  myself as you will soon see. xD I’m a little spacey and tend to just go with the flow of life. I love books and music. I’ve been into k-pop for about 2 or 3 years now. TVXQ and Super Junior were my first k-pop bands. 🙂 I’ve been addicted ever since. I love TVXQ and I recently became extremely involved with learning more about them. Even though I support JaeChunSu, I hope one day TVXQ will be together again. My favorite will always be  Changmin. 😀